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16 July 2016


If you think us introverts are boring, YOU ARE WRONG. We know how to have fun. And yes, even outside our houses. Just let us know in advance if you're inviting us. We need a couple of days (or more) to think things through and be ready for the night. Haha. Half kidding. This post was inspired by Bethany from Curly and Wordy. I love her writing. You should check her out ;)

Anyway, here are my thoughts!

Why did she ask me just now? She should've asked me couple of days ago. Now I don't have any time to make up an excuse. 
Damn. Fine, I'll say yes. It's too much pressure. 
It's good for me to go out from time to time. I have to practice my social skills. 
Live life to the fullest, right?
Oh God, I don't have anything to wear. What do they wear during parties? I don't want to wear anything too loud or attention grabbing. 
I'll stay neutral. A black dress.
I hope it rains so hard. Cancelling the plan would be the best thing right now.
I want to cuddle up with my duvet and watch a horror already
I don't even want to go out. Why did I say yes?
I could make up an excuse now and say I suddenly got sick
But I don't want to be the person who backs out last minute. 
I won't know majority of people there. What am I going to say? I don't know how to small talk.
Maybe I should practice what to say.
Okay, I'll stick with my friend throughout the night so I won't be left out. Sounds like a good idea.

Wow okay, it's loud. I want to go home already.
Hey, I love this song. 
Who knew I could do small talk? 
Though I'll probably never see that dude again. EVER.
I love this song.
I can't help it I'm dancing! The booze might be kicking in
Who am I kidding, I barely drank anything
Help.. I don't know how to shoo away this creep
Let me go to the bathroom. I need my personal space
Well okay maybe dance a little more. I hope I don't look awkward. Meh, who cares.
Nope, I don't know you. No, I don't want any drink.. unless it's water. Much needed.
Finally, we're going home.

I had fun. I'm glad I went. 
Not going out again until next month. Or probably until the month after the next.

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