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22 August 2016


I'm back from our family holiday!!!!! I feel amazing! Now that I am reunited with my laptop and unlimited access to the internet, I think it's just appropriate to get back to the blogging grind by writing a list of things that make me happy recently. Here we go :)

1. Taking the packaging off of newly bought makeup
2. Smell of books
3. Finding classics in secondhand bookshops, and only paying a £1 each. Winning.
4. Being surrounded by nature - the sea, mountains, trees... is when I feel most alive.
5. Reaching England's most southernly end which by the way, was very very windy.
6. Roadtrips across Cornwall
7. Afternoon teas paired with perfectly baked scones slathered with cream and jam
8. Watching the sunset.
9. Full moons, half moons
10. Patches, pins and crystals. I am obsessing over them lately and collecting like crazy!
11. When my hair decides to cooperate and not go frizzy
12. Having a job!! This month has been the most broke I've been, literally almost £0 left on my account. A job is the best thing right now.

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