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21 August 2016


Arthur's seat is the highest point in Scotland. You can pin point it right away coming into the city in the tram. My friend being Nepalese, known for their mountain climbing skills; and I being adventurous enough to be excited to trek, we both decided that we need to climb Arthur's seat. It's not very high because it didn't take us long to climb, but I tell you this: the way to the top is steep. Wearing only my converse, we fought gravity all the way to the top. An hour later, we made it and our legs were strained; but instantly forgot about it when we saw the view from above. Beautiful.

Edinburgh was a perfect mix of nature and city. Looking down, the city was enclosed by mountains and sea. We had a picnic while we were there and ate our packed egg sandwiches despite the very strong winds. All was well, until I slipped going down the mountain. On our way down, we were having an argument which trail was the right one. Me being stubborn, kept insisting to go right, which was the wrong way. I think the universe taught me a lesson by letting me slip and fall on my bum to make me realise I was wrong. Haha.

Here are the views from Arthur's seat :)

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