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14 September 2016


My very first job was at a fastfood and I stayed there for almost 2 years (because the store manager didn't want to let me go haha). Now that I got out of it finally, I get to write this!! I had fun reminiscing.

1. the ugly uniform
It was a light green polo shirt, baggy dark green trousers and hat combo. I hated the hat the most. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

2. Odd hours
I used to do the early morning shifts and open the store at 6am. That meant stocking up and carrying huge boxes of cups and utensils etc. from the stock room down to the work floor.

3. the bad customers
Bad customers come in different forms:
plain rude: These are the people who just throws the money at you. Who doesn't say thank you or please. Those who left their manners at home (if they actually had any).
- blames you that they're late: "Ma'am/ sir, it's not my fault you're running late and you still decided to come in here to get some food." 
- impatient ones: these are the people who have only been waiting for 2 minutes and lashes out why they're food is not yet ready. I know it's a fast food, but the food still has got to cook ya'know.
- the know it alls: these are the customers who think they know so much better than you on how you should do your job. "Thanks for the advice, but I know what I'm doing."  
- extremely picky eaters: I mean come on, this is a fast food. No matter how picky you get, you're most probably still going to eat some unhealthy crap food. These people give the most bizarre requests; like, a bigmac BUT with no buns 

4. good customers 
They are the patient ones, those who appreciate your hard work and even wishes you to have a good day. Those who say: "it's okay, take your time" 

5. there's a lot to do
I mean a lot. I had to take orders, manage the tills and prepare the orders all together. I became an expert on multitasking after this job. In addition to that, I also had to do the cleaning - mopping the floor, washing cloths, wiping tables, taking out the bins, even cleaning toilets! ALL THESE FOR A MINIMUM WAGE.

6. It is stressful
It gets stressful when you've got hangry customers waiting for food and behind you see a very long queue of more customers you have to serve QUICK. Plus customers making complaints, children crying in the background and staff not coming in. Not everyone who works at a fastfood gets out alive. Just kidding. They just quit the job the next day.

7. it teaches you customer service
One thing I've learned is to keep fake smiling at customers even when I'm already so tired and stressed deep inside. Also, to kill rude customers with kindness.

8. brings out extroversion
It pushed me way out of my comfort zone; dealing with lots of people every single day. I had to openly communicate, resolve conflicts on my own, and work with 20 other people in my team while being in a very busy environment. Whew! 

9. meet friends
The old people who came everyday for their coffee/ tea became my friends. Aside from a smile, they shared gossip too. Like, how Barbara doesn't talk to her anymore.

10. you will learn a lot
Skills and perspective. I have seen different people in different walks of life and had to deal with them. I got more understanding on how people react and how they behave. I also learned how not to die after standing on my feet for 9 hours straight.

Congratulations on reaching the end of the post. haha. I know working at a fastfood is not really a highly skilled and highly intellectual job when you compare it to being, for example, a doctor; but what I can say is that these fastfood workers work their bums off and they've dealt with enough difficult customers already. Don't be one of them and be nice whenever you come across one. :)

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