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25 September 2016


I didn't really intend to do this haul, but as I was sorting out my makeup I realised I've collected quite a number of NYX products already. NYX only recently came to the UK, so as soon as they opened I was so excited to have a look at their counter. Also because it's a "new" brand readily available at the drugstore, I gravitated to it more and kept coming back. I JUST WANT TO TRY THEM ALL!!! I must say though, their lip products are my favourite. 

1. Eyebrow cake powder - previous to this, I have only been using a random brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows. So I decided why not give this one a try. I can't say it dramatically changed my life, but it does the job. 

2. Colour correcting liquid primer - I have lots of discolourations on my face, and this colour correcting liquid does help. I use it especially under my eyes, where it tends to be dark.

3. Dark circle concealer - speaking of my dark under eyes, this concealer has been a life saver. I always reach out for this one to make me look more awake even though I'm really not.

4. Makeup brushes - I use these two to put on my concealer and blend it out. 

5. Jumbo eye pencil (sparkle nude) - I loooove the colour of this one. It's like a champagne, nude shade. Although, it has too much glitter for my liking. Should've known from it's name "sparkle". Good for a night out I guess. 

6. Nyx lingerie - I might be a bit late in the matte lips craze, but I don't care I'm still buying them. Haha. I have bought three shades from this line now, and I love every one of them. If I have to pick a favourite though, it's "Ruffle trim". BEST NUDE EVER.  

7. Soft matte lip creams - these are cheaper than the NYX lingerie ones, but equally packs in colour. It's so vibrant and pigmented and matte. I LOVE IT. Also, I just had to buy the shade named after where I came from. Manila represent!

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