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2 September 2016


After we climbed Arthur's seat, we still had the rest of the beautiful sunny day to wander around. My friend and I's motto was: there's no time to waste. As we walked around some more, got lost, looked around shops, we stumbled upon the Scott monument. It looked majestic. I loved how it was gothic and old, and even better, we got to climb it. After 246 steps, we reached the top and we had a pretty good bird's eye view from up there. I fell more in love with the city.


Scott Monument 
(Just look at those details!)

Top view of the city

I love how in every turn and alleys there's always something beautiful to see.

Our airbnb was located beside the botanical gardens and near this school. Yes, this is a school. I thought it was a castle too. What makes it more interesting is that this was the school where JK Rowling based Hogwarts on. Pretty amazing.

I can see the resemblance to Hogwarts, actually.

National museum of Scotland

 On our very last day at Edinburgh, we visited the National Museum of Scotland. After, we bought some souvenirs and had a good lunch. Then it was time again to get into the tram to go to the airport. 3 days went so quickly! We went home with a lot. Edinburgh was beautiful.

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