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24 October 2016


I was having a very stressful week this week, so instead of doing of what I had to do, I was scrolling down my social media refreshing the feed several times expecting something new to pop out.  To my delight, there were 2 notifications from 2 of my very good online/ blogger friends Dan and Renee saying that they have nominated me for the Liebster Award!! This was certainly the silver lining to my week. Thank you so much, girls :) Go check their blogs out. It's worth the read.

This was the first time I'm taking part on something like this. From what I understand is that the Liebster Award is given to other bloggers who are the sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome - which is "liebster" in German. The nominee will have to answer the questions given by the person who nominated them. Then in return, I will also nominate other bloggers who I think deserves the award too. 

Here are my answers to Dan's questions:

What food reminds you of childhood?
Fruit loops cereals!! 
Had this almost everyday for breakfast before going to school

What is your earliest childhood memory? 
My parents telling me I'll have a little brother :)

If there’s one thing that you can change about your past, what would it be and why?
I would change the way I was sooo shy. I feel like I could've done more things if I weren't so shy. That's only if I really have to choose. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I don't really regret anything from my past. As cliche as that sounds. At least being shy gave me a lot of room to grow. 

Name one thing you wish you were good at.
Singing!! This frustrates me so much. I always dreamed of covering songs and posting it on Youtube hahaha

Would you live your life differently if given the chance?

What is your favourite word and why?

Nostalgia. It gives me all the feels.

Name one language that you want to be fluent in.
Tagalog already has Spanish incorporated in it, why not learn it to the full, right? 

What is the first thing that you will do if you wake up in Paris one day?
Have breakfast in one of the little cafes down the street, munch on a croissant or two.

Would you rather have coffee in New York or Tea in London?
Coffee in New York, of course.
 Although I'm not a coffee drinker, I would if it's in New York. Also because I've already had tea in London. Like everyday.

Name 2 things you want to change about the world.
I would get rid of hate and capitalism

What makes you happy, genuinely happy?
I feel like myself the most when I'm surrounded by mountains, looking out the sea, being in the midst of a forest. The beauty of nature and the realisation of how amazing my God is for creating all of it makes me genuinely happy.


Renee's questions: 

What made you pursue blogging?
I pursued blogging during the time when I was really into taking photographs for the first time. I would go different places to take pretty pictures then hurry home to edit them. I realised I needed somewhere to showcase these photographs, and along with it write my thoughts down. So I decided to set up a blog.

Who is/are your inspiration(s)?
I don't really have a specific name to state because almost anyone who I find passionate, different, smart, kind, beautiful and creative, inspires me. If I see someone on the street with a great fashion sense, he/she has already inspired me - and I'll probably look for similar shoes that she was wearing haha.

What are your favourite blogs?
I have loads!! But Lune BlogFire and Joy and Wonderful You are the first blogs I discovered and inspired me soooo much before I even published my first post.

Are you exactly where you want to be right now? Or are you still striving to get there?
I'm only 21 years old, I think I still have quite a long way to go to get to where I really want to be. 
I feel like everything's only starting. :)

What is your dream job?
To live my normal life and travel, and get paid doing that. Is that a travel blogger?  

If you could live in any country, where would it be?
Ooh, this is a hard one. I'll say Italy. 
I could live of Italian food for the rest of my life. 
Also, the place is so beautiful, with their coasts and their different cities like Verona, Milan, Venice.. etc.

What are your pet peeves?

People chewing loudly. 
People who can't say please/ excuse me. 
Picky eaters. 
Dirty public toilets. 
Late buses/trains.
Stuck ups. 
Body odour. 
Cigarette smoke.
People spitting in public
People who cancels last minute

Need I say more? 

What can't you live without and why?
My phone!!
I have everything in my phone.
 Internet, social media, camera, notes, emails, contacts... almost my entire life basically

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog :)

What message would you like to give me? :)
Heeeyy girl. Thank you so much for nominating me. I hope everything is fine with you. Continue being strong and keep inspiring. Looking forward to more posts from you and get to know you better through them. I think you're a lovely person *virtual hugs*


I nominate:
Dan and Renee! Haha. 
I know you guys have already done this but I do nominate you, because I genuinely think you deserve the award

For everyone I nominated, these are my questions for you!

What physical feature of your self do you love the most? Why?
What non-physical feature of your self do you love the most? 
Would you rather go on a safari ride in Africa or climb Machu Picchu in Peru?

What type of food is your favourite?
Have you got any hidden talent? What is it? 
What is the scariest thing you have experienced?
What is your favourite memory?
What does success mean to you?
What would you do if you weren't afraid? 

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