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3 October 2016


St. Michael's Mount

After a 5 hour drive from London to Cornwall, we set foot at this magical place called St. Michael's mount. We immediately got out of the car to stretch, then grabbed all our bags and speed walked to the beach. We laid our blankets on the sand, propped open our packed brunch, and spent the whole morning staring at the mount. 

Because it was high tide, we rode a boat going to the island to visit the castle. The view just got better from up there.

It was gloomy and chilly when we arrived. Typical England.

The sun finally came out!

There was a footpath going to the island, but you have to wait until the tide goes down before you can walk through

On our way back,  the tide was low enough. No way we were paying for another boat ride. The shoes were off!

And I guess everyone decided to get their feet wet too

Goodbye St. Michael's Mount!

Lizard Point
The first destination on our second day was the most southernly point of Britain - the Lizard Point.

But first, ice cream. Cornish ice cream is THE. BOMB.

This picture is quite funny. Spot my sister telling everyone that the coast is too beautiful

We also spotted some sharks (fin)!

I just had to take a picture of these dogs also trekking along the coast. Cuties.

Kynance Cove

On the other side of Lizard Point, was Kynance Cove. People do trek it from Lizard point to the cove, but for us, it was a 5 minute drive. I was not ready for this place. Sooo beautiful. I'm actually doing a separate post for its pictures to somehow give it justice. For now, I've included the portraits of my family who spent hours having a photoshoot.

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