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31 October 2016


I was staring blankly at an empty Word document in the university library. I couldn't grasp the motivation to just write that first sentence of my essay down. Instead, my mind was somewhere else daydreaming and thinking of things completely unrelated to what I was so supposed to be doing. 

I was sat there at a dusty corner of the library for hours, until I decided to pack up my bag and go somewhere nice, hoping the inspiration comes then. I went to the coffee place I recently found out about. The Grind Coffee bar.

It was warm when I stepped in. Already a comfort from the cold outside. I immediately ordered a mocha coffee, even though I don't really drink coffee. How pretentious. I chose to sit on the very end of the cafe, where there were wooden chairs and blankets and pillows. With fairy lights on the ceiling, and a good amount of music, I was getting work done.

Then, as if I'm not procrastinating enough, my mind began flying off again and I was thinking I should do this more often. To find more nice places to study in around London, and blog about it. 

Exploring and studying at the same time, sounds good to me.



Location: Lower Richmond Rd, Putney
Price: £2.50 6oz
Taste: 4/5 
(okay, I'm not really a coffee drinker so I'm not the most reliable person to trust on this, but the coffee tasted pretty good)
 Pros: good ambience, lovely staff, cosy
Cons: no free wifi

There are pillows and blankets to make you even more cosy

 I think this is a good place to go to study, or make essays or just chill with a friend. In case you do get tired of studying, you can just cross the road and unwind by the river. 

So yeah, I think this is most likely going to be a regular thing where I tell you guys about instagrammable places I find to study in. 

Until the next study session!

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