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13 November 2016


Five years ago, I moved out of my comfort zone and left my home in Manila, Philippines to live here in London. It wasn't an easy transition, and involved a lot of changes. Five years is quite a lot, enough for me to reflect on the major differences of how I lived then and now. For this post, I listed down things I do while living in the UK that I didn't really do when I was living in Manila.

1. Work while studying 
I was one of those super studious students in school who was focused on her studies. Now, being in the UK I have to balance work and uni. Dealing with awful customers during the weekend, and writing essays and sneaking in naps in lectures during the weekdays. 

2. Use public transport
In my 17 years living in Manila, I barely used public transport, and I never did it alone. I rode tricycles and jeepneys but only for destinations that were near. I also only used the MRT occasionally. Compared to being in the UK though, I use public transport EVERYDAY. 

3. Drive
I was SUPER fortunate enough to have someone drive me around when I lived in Manila. To be honest, I don't think my heart can handle driving around that city. Now that no one is going to do it for me, I learned how to drive myself. 

4. Travel
I still have my Filipino passport, but living here made me feel like everything's ~more~ accessible. From the money I save from my part time job, I have travelled around England and some other parts of Europe. This is definitely one of the things I'm extremely grateful for since I moved.

5. Spend time in places that are not malls
The Philippines has malls in every corner. I used to spend after-school hours roaming around air conditioned malls and window shopping. Here in London,  I find myself spending more time in markets, parks and town centres.

6. Go clubbing/ pubs 
Because I was still too young back then, and also because going out is just part of the British culture.

7. Walk the streets past midnight 
Sometimes, I'd be out really late and run out of buses to take and have to walk out on the streets during odd hours. I've never done that in the Philippines.

8. Drink tea 
I didn't really know tea then. Didn't drink at all. When I came in the UK I got converted.

9. Speak straight english 
Tagalog is my first language, and I was never the 'sosyal' kind who spoke english all the time. I would mix the two languages but I never really spoke in straight english. Until now. Well, because I have to. Haha. 

10. Be more independent 
Back home in Manila, I felt like I was so dependent. Dependent on my parents for money, on my family to drive me to places, to cook me food, to pay for my expenses, make decisions.. Even dependent on staff in shops to open the door for me, or for 'kuyas' to carry my heavy bags in school. Moving out to London changed me so much. I do most things on my own.
I'm definitely more independent now, which is a pretty good thing.

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