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13 December 2016


  1.  Be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less
  2. Things get better. You may think you won't get out of a situation, but you will.
  3. People grow apart.
  4.  Do what you said you would do. No empty promises
  5.  Everyone's fighting their own battles
  6.  Hardwork does pay off
  7.  Don't take yourself too seriously, laugh things off
  8.  Not everyone will have the same heart as you
  9.  Take your own advice 
  10.  You won't find your happiness from others
  11.  Know your worth, and embrace your flaws. Stop comparing yourself. You do you.
  12.  What you put out to the world is what comes back to you
  13.  You are stronger than you think. Fear is only powerful if you let it
  14.  Spend time alone. Solitude can be so refreshing.
  15.  Be happy for others instead of getting jealous
  16. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not self-seeking, it always hopes and always perseveres.*
  17.  There are things that will never be the same as before. 
  18.  Know what you want and work for it
  19.  Always be kind
  20. You are allowed to feel what you're feeling 
  21. Quality over quantity is most true when it comes to friends
  22. With a little faith, your dreams will come true bit by bit at the right time

*1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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