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16 January 2017


I had a late birthday treat for my 22nd last December. Mostly because a lot of uni work was on the way but also pay day hasn't arrived yet. When I finally had a chance, I booked a fancy dinner at London's Sky garden. It was originally supposed to be a dinner for me and my best friend who is also a December baby. We were supposed to celebrate together, but she was plagued with flu all of a sudden and was too sick to function. I, however, couldn't cancel. Especially when not turning up will cost me £50. Might as well go and have a great experience, instead of paying all that money for nothing. So, my sister was my back-up plan.

Location: The sky garden is located within the "walkie talkie" (because of its structure) building at 20 Fenchurch Street

Tube station: We got off at Bank then walked less than 10 minutes to the building. 
Other tube stations are: monument, tower hill, Aldgate, and Mansion house

I spy St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge

So, I'm sure you've guessed it by now why it's called the Sky Garden. The garden sits on the rooftop of the building's 35th floor. 
It's usually open for the public during the day, but remember to book first to avoid disappointments. You can just come in and take a look at the top view of the city. 

More info on their website: https://skygarden.london/plan-your-visit

We came just before Christmas, which explains the Christmas trees.

We came a bit early, less than an hour before our dinner reservation. So we had ample of time to look around and sight see. I'm sure the garden is so much prettier during the day, but the perks of going at night is the city lights.

There were 2 bars within the garden which were a bit more pricey than usual; and because the place was fancy, people were dressed fancy as well. It was mostly filled with working adults who just finished work still wearing their suits. Then there was us, 2 young girls snapping stories. Haha.

Our dinner reservation was at Darwin Brasserie. One of two restaurants in the Sky garden. I chose Darwin's because it was more relaxed and less formal. Also, cheaper. 

I ordered Braised ox cheeks with pomme puree, Dorset snails and parsley dressing (£22.50)
My sister's order: Rhubarb's Handmade beef burger with fries (£18.50)

The bill included a 12% service charge, which we were happy to pay for.

Food and price: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience/ setting: 5/5 (we were lucky to be sat by the window!)

Overall, my sister and I had a good experience! 

*cue Fight Club reference here*

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