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24 January 2017


I joined the mirrorless camera family! I scraped off my savings account to buy a new Fujifilm XT10 camera. I chose it mainly because it's much more affordable compared to other top mirrorless cameras, and the reviews are nothing but great. Maybe if my skills get better and I save enough again, I'd buy the Sony a7 mark II next, which is the camera I also really want. But so far, I'm really happy with my Fuji. Broke, but happy. 

I fell in love with the camera. Starting from how it's so small and portable. It's such a big change from my DSLR. I felt more excited to bring it around wherever I go because it's perfect for it. Also, I've been wanting to buy a 35mm lens ever since I had a camera, but never got to do it. I waited until I bought a mirrorless, skipped the kit lens and partnered my new baby with a 35mm. DREAMS COME TRUE.

I'm still playing around with the camera and its settings. It needs time and practice, I guess to figure things out, especially because I am so used to my Canon 600d. So as soon as I got the time, I tested my Fuji on the streets of London. 

 The journey always starts with a train ride. Half an hour away from the heart of the city.

The waiting game.

Oxford Street

 A quick stop at Liberty's store front to have a look at all their fresh flowers

A peek at Carnaby street to see whether they've changed the decorations

Regent Street

Trafalgar Square

This man gives out free handmade rings.

And he's making a lot of people happy.

I regret not bringing some change this day.

The golden sun was shining and it made Trafalgar square looked extra pretty

I'm not sure where the man is looking.

I don't think the man in a trench coat knew how good this artist was.

Good company good coffee?

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