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1 January 2017


Every year I say this, where has the time gone?? Although time seem to have gone so quickly, if I think about it carefully, quite a lot has actually happened. I won't gush about it being the best year of my life, but it is a good, significant one. I know 2016 was a crappy year for the whole world with all the politics and wars going on, but I can't deny all the good that happened to me as well. Having said that, it actually made me more grateful because despite of all the bad going on around, I still had my ups. 

For 2016 I am thankful for..

  1.  The constant people in my life who have always been present
  2.  For the new people I have met and kept
  3.  The experience of travelling alone to Edinburgh
  4.  Kicked off 2016 in the Philippines where I feel most at home
  5.  The lessons I have learned through ending friendships, making mistakes and going through rough patches
  6.  Travelling around UK and exploring its beautiful countryside
  7.  Surviving a near death experience
  8.  Learning the importance of self care
  9.  Getting good marks in uni
  10.  Having enough to treat my self and give to others
  11.  My prayers that have been answered
  12.  The courage to try new things for the first time and battle out my anxiety
  13.  Good health for my whole family, and everyone staying together (despite the occasional arguments)
  14.  The spare time to pursue my other passions such as photography and blogging
  15.  The strength to keep going and the faith to be hopeful for the future

These are just a few of the things I'm thankful for.  These are all I could think of now at the top of my head because I am so sleepy already at 1 hour and 13 minutes past into 2017. Haha. I might be able to think of more later when I get my sleep, but all I want to say for now is that 2016 has been a good one. I'm happy it happened, and now I'm welcoming 2017 with a hopeful heart.

(Although, I'm working a 7 hour shift later on New year's day. Not exactly a good start. But let's keep up the positivity, shall we?)

I wish you everything nice and magical this new year. Happy 2017 you guys!!!

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