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28 February 2017


I was kind of dragged to go to into this gallery by my friend, but I still gladly went because it was by Burberry. What I didn't know was it also showcased sculptures by Henry Moore that complemented all the pretty clothes. I have to be honest though, I felt so uncool when I came into this event. Majority of the people who went looked so cool (translation: fashionable and unique and not your basic b*tches). I wanted to take pictures of them to show you but I didn't want to look like a creep. One thing is for sure though is that I felt so inspired after. That creative trip to the gallery sparked something in my brain that I really needed. Also, I felt so inspired to up my fashion game. After I've seen all those people dressed so well in an unconventional manner made me want to do the same. After all fashion is a form of self expression, right?

After the gallery, we walked through London's horrible stormy weather to get to Lao Cafe where they served Thai food. I was so stuffed after, I just wanted to go to sleep. Which in other words, the food was really really good.

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