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7 June 2017


Hey there! Long time, no see and it's so great to be back! I feel like I have to address that I have been MIA lately, and it's all because life got in the way. Meaning, my last year in uni was a killer! But more of that later. Having said that, as you might've guessed (or not), I am graduating soon!!!! This July to be exact. I am happy and excited and scared all at the same time. It's a cocktail of emotions, really. It hasn't hit me completely yet, but I know adulthood is coming... fast. 

A typical me would respond by avoiding everything and turning my back on responsibilities. Which *spoiler alert* I do. We had a mini trek at Leith Hill place that led us to these scenic views. For a while, I did forget about my responsibilities. The vastness of land that made the trees look so tiny and the many layers of hills that seemed infinite made me feel so small. That my problems are insignificant. That all the anxiety about the future will pass.

I am a true believer that nature is the best medicine and we need a dose of it as often as we can. It could give us that breath of fresh air we lack from being so contained in the 4 walls of our houses, schools and workplace. It gives us the opportunity to be away from our phones and listen to our thoughts. Where as we close our eyes, we hear nothing but the birds singing, and feel the wind brushing off our skin. 

I wish I can say that after a mini trek up a hill, it solved my problems and removed all my anxiety. It did not. But it all made everything feel a little bit better. Just enough to keep me going.

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