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20 August 2017


You know those moments when you didn't really expect anything from a place, but then it hit you right in the face with how beautiful it was. That's how I felt as I set foot here. Regardless of the props and stage set up, I still had to wrap my head around the fact that I was standing on a theatre. A theatre seated on the coastline, where the audience bring blankets to keep warm and pillows to sit on. Sadly, I wasn't one of those who watched the play later that day, but I wish I was. At least now I have the perfect reason to come back. 

We had little time here, as the play was about to start in a couple of hours. But there is always time for an afternoon tea. Before we left, we had some scones with butter and jam, and of course, english breakfast tea. That felt like a warm embrace as I looked at the coastline through the windows of the cafe. At that moment, I wished afternoon teas would always be like that.

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