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17 September 2017



This is my hair. It was so much longer before I cut it myself the other day. It’s also very thick. I personally don’t like it this thick, but people always tell me I’m lucky to have it. I guess, I am. It keeps me warm during the winter and it hides my face whenever I’m avoiding someone. It has always been the colour black all my life, and puffs up whenever I run the brush through it.


This is my skin. As you can see, it’s far from perfect and it dreads the cold months. When God was giving out flawless skin, I was probably fast asleep. Well, you can't be perfect, can you. So here's to loving yourself, imperfections and all.


Funny. Yes, these are my knees. It’s hard not to notice the malteser at the side. That is a scar I got one really dark and cold night while I was walking in my university campus on the way to our society meet up. My heel got caught in the drain and I fell face down, and used my knee to kind of ease the fall. My knee landed on a pointed rock, and the rest is history.

Hands and feet

These are my tiny hands and skinny fingers. I can never find rings that fit me whenever I shop. My feet are also tiny. People are always so shocked when they find out my shoe size is 3. Yes, UK 3. However I am proud of the places my feet have taken me. Up mountains, down hills, soaked in salt water and soiled from mud. It has taken me to different cities where I wandered endlessly, and they haven’t failed me.


These are my eyes. They will tell you easily if I’m tired or sleepy or both. They frame each landscape, each person in every photograph I take, pursuing to see beauty in everything. Sometimes tears fall from them in the middle of the night or when I laugh too hard.


This is my mouth. It doesn’t really know how to small talk and can get really awkward at times with people I just met. It has shared a lot of stories between people I am closest, with unending talks about life, gossips and secrets. Sometimes it doesn’t say what I want to. Sometimes words come out of it that I did not mean.  In that case it is brave enough to say 'I'm sorry', most of the time anyway.

The tour ends here. My aim for this post was to be raw and real. In our society nowadays with curated realities and perfect lifestyles people try to portray, it's so difficult to find genuineness.  I know sometimes we feel inadequate whenever we see someone so "perfect", but hey I want you to know you're not the only one. And most probably that "perfect" person is not so perfect either. We all have our weaknesses. We all have our strengths.

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