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14 October 2017


This is a long overdue post. More than a year late to be exact. I didn't realise that last year was such a busy year that I even had no time for editing and putting together photos in a blog post. But here it is. The very last part of our summer holiday last year at Cornwall. 

The UK has a bad reputation when it comes to weather and summer. But I hope that these series of posts will serve as evidence to you that the British summer is not all bad. You just have to know where to go, and Cornwall should be on top of the list. These are some of the places we went to while road tripping this part of the countryside. I hope you get some ideas and get exploring.


Greeb farm is located in Land's end. We waited until dark for the fireworks show to start, so to kill time we decided to come over the farm and play a little bit with animals.


This is England's most westernly point and it offers spectacular views. We watched the sunset while looking over the ocean and a lighthouse that looked tiny from afar. There was a house at the edge of the cliffs which was called the first and last house. Because when you're coming into England, it will be the first house you see. When coming from inside England going out, it is the last.


It wasn't the best weather to come out and trek. But I think the gloom made everything so dramatic and I liked how the landscape turned out in photos. The coast of Levant Mine is, as you can tell, a mine before. But is now the ownership of the National Trust and a really good place for long treks along the coast. 


A trip to the countryside isn't complete without visiting at least one mansion owned by aristocrats years ago. This house was in the midst of really big land and beautiful gardens. 


Second time at Tintagel Castle, and I was still amazed. Although there was no visible castle, all there was were ruins and spectacular view from the top. Also going up and down those steps around the mountain were as good. You must see this place at least once.

You know you're in the countryside when you see stalls like this randomly on the side of the road. As we set off for a 5 hour drive back to London, we stopped over to buy some strawberry jam. Whoever sells these trusts people enough to give the right payment. 

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